Am I Worshiping A God That Doesn’t Even Exist??

What an incredibly mature perspective. Please take some time to ready this young ladies perspective on our relationship to God. This young lady is a cancer patient and you need to read about her to get the whole perspective. But suffice it to say she understands what it means to wonder “why me?” in ways I hope no one I know ever will.

It is amazing how God changes for us when we recognize that we are for Him and not the other way around. Because of her circumstance she is given license to say things that are no more true because she says them, but people recognize that telling her a sob story about how she can’t understand tragedy just won’t hold water. Her perspective lends credence to the realities of our experience with God.

Nothing, it seems, will remove her from the list of those who believe. Like a book I once read, I believe now I am just trying to understand. She has sure helped all who will listen understand a very deep concept.

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Ok, so before everyone starts thinking I had some existential crisis and went off the deep end, I need to explain this thought, because it’s been nagging at me a little these days.

My question isn’t “does God exist?” My question is “does the God that I am worshiping exist?”

Let me start by saying that when I became a Christian at the age of 23, I didn’t know God. Not for who He really is. I had just experienced His grace (there’s a reason we call it amazing!) and forgiveness through His son Jesus, but I didn’t really know God.

There’s a tendency for us to make God what we want Him to be and then get frustrated when He doesn’t come through for us the way that we think He should. That’s not really fair, is it? It’s easy to get mad at Him when we are viewing…

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