Can a Christian Drink Alcohol?

A friend of mine posted this article (see like above “Can a Christian Drink Alcohol?”) I share and ask me to read and comment. I encourage you to do the same. Here is my 2 Cents.

Alcohol (Abstinence/Sin) and Christianity

As an Nazarene Pastor there is a certain amount of risk I take by commenting frankly on this. But here it goes…

The issue around all of this is quoted by the author ,“…forget about making a definitive case for or against ‘drinking’ from the Bible. Here’s the truth from logic and real life.” I think we get in trouble when we separate those 2 things (The Bible and Logic) and tell people what they can and cannot do to be members of our community? When we start trying to explain the Biblical use of alcohol we start seeming petty and legalistic. When we tell folks that we believe that abstain from alcohol is necessary step in becoming a member of our community (denomination, group, etc.) we lose seekers whose radar is on full alert for such things.

What I think makes more sense is when member of the Body of Christ say that they have made a personal choice to abstain from alcohol because they believe that the use of the product has become something destructive. Like obesity, we have an issue of ease of access and over indulgence that has made alcohol into something different that it was. The message that God honors the personal choice to abstinence is very Biblical (see Nasserites) and is reflective of our society as well. It rings of working out, proper meal choices, running (to nowhere) to get fit. But it also speaks to building a better community.

We can’t start by forgetting the Bible and leaning on logic (Proverbs 3:5-6). We have to start by teaching that the Bible is logical and that it teaches personal choices of sacrifice to benefit others. I would rather see communities of Christ teach about the issues caused by alcohol (food, tobacco, etc.) and help people to make bold choices.


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