Thanksgiving Walk for Food

Saturday November 22 at 1pm The Crossing (105 West 6th Avenue Garrett, Indiana 46738) will be holding a food drive.  We will be leaving The Crossing and heading off into the town of Garrett to collect non-perishable food items for the creation of Thanksgiving food baskets for those less fortunate than us this holiday season and to supplement the local food pantry.  This even takes no particular skill and no one will be sent out alone. All that is required is that you be here with a heart to help. 

But I can’tTalk to People: Each team will have a designated talker. If you can’t speak to people that is not a problem. You can be there to help carry or just be among the number (yes, that helps).

But I can’t…Walk: We will need people to drive, count and organize food, pray, and encourage the others.

But I can’t…avoid being scared: Everyone will be on a team of 2 to 3 people. If you are shy then you can stand in the back.  You can collect food at the vehicles.

But I can’t…Be there Saturday: You can bring non-perishable food items to Church on Sunday. 

EVERYONE CAN…find a place in this project where they can help.  If you come to help you won’t be able to avoid having you sock blessed off.

Please understand that this event is about more than collecting food. It is also about showing the people of Garrett that we care and the body of Christ is about more than attending a club meeting on Sunday.  We Love people and want to help in tangible ways.

When you arrive you are to bring disposable plastic shopping bags (like the ones they give you are Super Value or Wal-Mart to carry your groceries).  At 1pm on the nose we will start Walk for Food.  So please arrive in time to be ready to go at 1.  This event is open to the public. Anyone who would like to participate is welcome.


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The body of Christ will never grow if the Pastor is the one using his gifts to MAKE IT grow through some cool program or inspiring turn of a phrase.
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