Gospel of Judas?

My friend Evan found heard about a Gosepl of Judas that told the story of Judas’ betrayel of Jesus in a different light. Since so many of the people that read my Blog are Christians and I know that this “Gospel” is going to be talked about a lot I thought I would let you know what I found.

Sorry it is long, but worth it. We have understand this stuff.

The fact that the Bible came together at all is amazing to me. I am so glad I was not in on those meetings…


It is an entire National Geographic article to the topic.

Also found this in USA Today ——————–

The gospel of Judas is broadly representative of “gnostic” beliefs prevalent in the two or three centuries after the death of Jesus, said the Rev. Donald Senior of the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, who was an adviser to the restoration team.

Gnostic beliefs hold that secret and personal insights are the key to redemption, rather than faith in Jesus’ resurrection, for example. Rather than shedding a new light on Judas’ relationship to Jesus, Senior suggested, the gospel illuminates the diversity of thought among early Christians.


For me… I guess what it boils down to in all the reading I did online, is that the document appears to tied to something that Paul (the Biblical Paul) was warning the early Christians about. He was talking about the Gnostics who taught that to get to heaven you had to have some great secret knowledge. For me I have always felt that making God a magic trick just didn’t figure. Jesus seems to me to be saying to the Pharoses that keeping knowledge of God from people is just wrong.

If you go the National Geographic site and read the PDF file they have that has a transcript of the document it is full of ‘BIG SECRETS’: come see these angels being created, come learn special knowledge that is just for you Judas, etc. It all smacks of Gnostic secret handshakes.

It all boils down to what we need to get close to Jesus.

As far as Judas turning on Jesus after three years of being his Buddy; Well, I think that if you look through history every great man has people who stay close to him for the power it gives them. Malcolm X was killed by the same men that brought him to power, because he began to see the world in a kinder gentler way. When he was no longer the world hater they wanted him to be they killed him. Caesar was killed by Brutus, his Buddy, when he didn’t play things the way the rest wanted it played. Jesus knew, yes, but no one else did. But Jesus is one with God. He knows some stuff. 

I think Judas just got tired of waiting for Jesus to deliver that goods (ruling the world) so he pushed him. He thinks, “I been following this guy around for three years and he is just preaching ‘Love your enemy’ and ‘rich people suck’. I want to be a ‘rich people’. If I send the Sanhedrin after him that will make him finally use his power to take over. He’ll thank me in the long run.” Well, it worked, but not the way he had it figured. I believe he threw the money and hung himself because he realized that his power play had failed miserably and Jesus was genuine.

Your Brother in Christ,




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