The things people do while wearing the name of the Lord disgust me, make me angry, make me want to do things that Jesus wouldn’t do.

I feel violent right now and it is all because of a conversation that I had with someone that may be lost from the Lord forever because someone, a “Man of God”, did something despicable. Then people in a Church (not the Church I attend) defended him and tried to protect him from punishment. Worse yet, they new he had hurt people in the past before hiring him.


I must admit that at times like this my soul cries for a little Old Testament retribution. From the great theologian Bruce O’Mighty: Smite them Oh mighty ‘smiter’. I desire to see them destroyed like Gomorra or struck down like…like…well… And then I realize that God didn’t even smite people back then in the way I am thinking. With very few exceptions did God see a single sin committed and instantly destroy the individual sinner.


Lets just say that if this guy knew what was thinking (he doesn’t) then he would be quite glad that I am not God. In fact, I am glad I am not God.

People that Love me… Help me pray. God let me have peace with the fact that you are in charge and even the most wicked will be given a chance to come to you. Let me rest in my reward and no covet the idea of someone else’s punishment.

TODAYS DISCLAIMER: No I won’t say who, No I’m not being coy. Yes, you would want me to keep it private if it was your issue. No, it isn’t your issue. No my Church isn’t any better then any other, every flock has predators that roam in the weeds and among them. Your mileage may vary. All people in this life were real. Actual people will be harmed in the living of this life. Yes, I have the right to vent my spleen, but not expose your problem.

Your Brother in Christ,




About toddcbrown

The body of Christ will never grow if the Pastor is the one using his gifts to MAKE IT grow through some cool program or inspiring turn of a phrase.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    whew. ill be prayin for ya, brother.

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