Lord, Thank You for showing me that my joy comes from you.

Here is my paper for school. I had to relate my world view in two pages. What do you think?

My worldview might surprise most people when you consider that I am politically conservative and I was raised in a low income home. Because of mistakes I have seen I understand that the welfare state is one of the most wretched things we have done to our extreme poor.  If being conservative means that I believe giving things to people without them making an effort then I have a conservative world view. This comes from a man who has eaten food provided by food stamps and who has lived in a house paid for by a welfare check. My mother kicked and scratched to escape that life though. She was first generation welfare. But I have seen that giving without asking for some effort has caused many of our extreme poor to be handicapped as well. Their culture has raised them as second and third generation welfare collectors who know nothing different. We shame ourselves to let people live like that.

     The greatest steps in my ability to communicate with people have been life experience gifts from God. The world has laid in my path life experiences that the Lord has let me endure. My life experience has been one of many cultures already. Even though I have never lived outside the state of Indiana or the two counties of Delaware or Madison, I have encountered many different cultures.

     My mother and father divorced in 1967 when I was only four years old. During the next seven years I went to thirteen different schools (including repeats).  We moved fifteen times between the 1967 and 1978. This meant that I was the ‘new kid’ more then twice a year between the ages of four and thirteen. I was never the cool kid, I was never comfortable, and I was always trying to find a way to communicate. 

     The school systems and neighborhoods I grew up in were as diverse as the country.   In 1972 we lived in a suburb with few economic challenges and no ethnic diversity (all white).  Within a year and a half we were living in an apartment complex for the extreme poor with an all black population.  Three years from then we were living in a home in the county with farm families.  There are more different types then can be listed in a short document. The numbers and types of people that I met in that time are incredibly large.

     It is my firm belief that the Lord lets you experience the things in this world that he knows will form you into the tool he wants you to be for his greater good.  A strong sword is fired, folded, and beaten many times before it is taken into battle.  A good workers hands gain calluses in just the right places before he becomes proficient at his craft. I have been exposed to the experiences of many people and many cultures. Those experiences have tempered me and I will use that for the Lord.

     My view of the world has changed a great deal in the last few years.  I used to believe that there was no such thing as an evil person. I believed that all people were born good and that they had to be influenced by the world or circumstances to become evil. I would have even gone so far as to say that if given the chance most corrupted people would turn back to the light. But now I truly believe that all men have evil that lives inside somewhere, but that if they accept the gift that the Lord has to give they can become good.

     My life experiences tell me that most people have what I call “convenient morality”. This moral standard is one that truly believes that rules, law, and common courtesy are tools meant to be employed when it can advance your own needs.  When put to a pinch most people will do what is best for them.  My moral compass, until the Lord stepped back in, was simple. If no one knows what I am doing wrong then it is not hurting them and it is permissible. If the person being hurt later found out that I had done what hurt them then the tragedy was that they found out, not what I had done. I never intended to hurt anyone. I just wanted to fulfill my desire. Why not? Without God as your moral compass, this set of rules is only logical.  If life is only a game then bluffing is quite acceptable. However, if we where created by a Holy God that has a plan for us then our behavior has a purpose and consequences.



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The body of Christ will never grow if the Pastor is the one using his gifts to MAKE IT grow through some cool program or inspiring turn of a phrase.
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