I wrote this to a friend I would like to know if some of you feel the same way about starting stuff you should start. It about ruins my life from time to time. Really! I get locked up.

Friends Name Here…

Beleive it or not I compeletely understand about “alot of stress from knowing what I was doing and doing it anyway”.  I get in a spot sometimes and feel like I just don’t want to study or do paperwork for my job. I just want to sit with family or friends and do nothing. I just want to relax and feel the pleasure of their company. OK, and sometimes I just want some “do nothing” time.  But it is weird how I can actially be feeling a panic deep inside over the fact that some work or study isn’t geting done.  So, people say, stop being lazy. But sometimes it is like being a drug adict, I can’t make myself start the work.  It is a bit schizophrenic. I want to get the work done to relieve the stress, but the doing of the work is causing me stress.

I hate it when I argue with my self.  I always loose.

All that to say…  I feel where you are at Man.  I have a couple of certification tests to get taken for work and I keep putting them off.  I have a report that is due for a cleint and they are going to pay my company $4800 for it. But I just get bound up. I DON’T WANNA!!! 

Do me a favor and I will return it.  Pray for me (REALLY, not just words) that I will get done what I have commited to and have the power to see that once it is done the stress goes away on both ends.  I know it is true, but sometimes I feel like it will crush me to start.  I will pray for you that you can keep your eyes on the prize. Think of doing that school work as pulling the plug from the stress, not adding to it. Pull Hard.

I know that if someone told you to move a mountain for (Girlfriends Name Here )  you would work till your fingers bled trying. But doing homework for her doesn’t really feel like the samething.  Well, the fact is that the homework is really for YOU and for her. It is your current mountain. You will never have this chance again. Believe me, I flunked out of Ball State Twenty Five years ago.  Do I seem that stupid to you? Be nice!

Your Brother in Christ,



About toddcbrown

The body of Christ will never grow if the Pastor is the one using his gifts to MAKE IT grow through some cool program or inspiring turn of a phrase.
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